Does it make sense to to go for an MBA while already having a MSc?

I took a sell-side equity research job exactly 4 years ago under a top analyst in London. Had just come right out of a top master program (which has precipitously been downgraded in terms of ranking). Plus done with CFA, CPA (worked for a big 4 a year prior to the MSc), and CAIA. Recently I've got R1 admission results from two top MBAs (one in the UK - another in the US)

I'm trying to get into a LO AM, and did actually network my way into an associate position. Problem of course is that the pay is at a discount relative to what I'm paid on the sell-side; even worse, I have to get a discectomy done and need a long rest

I've seen a slate of sell-siders from very specific banks go for LO after MBA as analysts, but that's purely from networking though, might be exceptional cases. I'm inclined to quit, take the MBA and then network again into a LO, and undergo surgery before I'm crippled.

What I'm depressed about is that I'm 28, not even close to settling down yet. I've already spent 5 years studying, so 2 extra years kinda look like a waste of time. Though I can negate latter by thinking about the work I can do after the MBA

What do you think?

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  • Associate 2 in AM - Other
Nov 13, 2021 - 2:03pm

Mate you need to prioritise your health. If your body is telling you to get the procedure, then get it. Discectomy isn't easy at all

Do you have tuition for MBA ready? Yes an MBA is a huge waste of time, but it's going to play out very well in your advantage if you already know ins and outs of networking in the field. A post MBA analyst at my firm spent his two years getting the CFA done, you're better off than many already. One more word - as an analyst your comp will more than triple from the start, so your opportunity cost is offset (assuming your tuition is ready). Long-term prospects are even better. 

If the schools have good track records, I see no reason why not. And being worried you're not settled down at 28.... Cute.

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Nov 13, 2021 - 2:11pm

I did my MSc as well at a top uni in London, I'm now working at a MF in the investment team.

I don't see any value in getting an MBA unless it's to change my geography or get into a position I otherwise wouldn't be able to get into without it. I have already enhanced my pedigree slightly from my undergrad and can get interviews with anyone so that doesn't play either.

Since none are true my MSc has caused the MBA to have significant diminishing returns in my perspective.

Taking off two years would also lag my progression and have significant opportunity costs - I could potentially get promoted to a VP in that time and further build my internal network.

Maybe I'll get bored and want to trade my carry for all those vested shares the tech boys got- who knows but unlikely !

Nov 16, 2021 - 9:38am

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