After the grind of the analyst years, does life get increasingly better as an Investment Banking Associate?

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Not sure if it gets better per se, but from what I've seen, hours go down very slightly but stress gets cranked up. Would like to hear from people who've made the A > A though

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Nah bro, you're fucked


As a former analyst and associate, I will say that it only gets worse as you move up. Hours get better but everything else sucks more.


Does life get better on the buy side?


Sometimes, but even when it's better it's still gonna suck compared to most jobs.


you brave souls. not worth it to me.


It never gets better as you move up.. if you're getting a pay increase, whether it's moving to buyside or you become associate or vp..if there's a pay raise associated with that it means there's going to be an increase in stress or responsibility. As someone else said, sure hours in the office go down but it's not like you can fully check out once you physically walk out the office.


It depends on whether banking is right for you. Your hours will go down, which definitely helps, but the level of responsibility goes up. When clients/MDs asks you questions, you can no longer pretend like a clueless analyst and get away with it. You are also responsible for not just your performance, but your analysts'. If they fuck up it's on you, so train them properly. Sometimes you even have to check in and make sure your VPs and MDs are doing their jobs properly, because if they don't, it could make your life miserable. Basically you are much more integrated into the team - you understand the deal and the "story" better and others listen more to your views. If banking is the right path for you, I think you will find the job more interesting and enjoyable, and be much happier despite the increased level of stress. But if banking isn't the right path for you, then as someone else has pointed out - you are fucked.


Whats counts as a good associate experience?


depends on your MD.


It never gets better. The idea that the higher you move up the fewer hours you have to work, the less bullshit you need to deal with, etc., is just that - an idea. Each promotion brings more stress, less stability, and a newer, more exotic type of bullshit that you have to deal with.

"Anything less than the best is a felony"


Again, depends on the group and the product.

I was in M&A for LatAm, associates had equally shitty life to analysts. It seemed to not really get much better. However, we sat next to healthcare and associates there (And sometimes analysts) seemed to be pretty chill from time-to-time depending on deal flow.


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I love how he tries to casually drop it in like it's not his platform

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