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Jan 4, 2019

Hi Bernie L Madoff, check out these resources:

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  • GS LA, MS LA, CS LA IBD groups? Hi guys, Does anyone happen to know what groups are out in LA for these three investment banks ... summer's over. groups LA Los Angeles ... has M&A, CS does "full execution" with a bunch of generalists and a small FIG group ...
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  • CS/UBS in Los Angeles? I often hear that UBS and CS are by far and away the top IBs in Los Angeles. Does anybody dispute ... hearing where GS and MS fall on the LA ladder. I understand that reputation is largely group ...
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  • Los Angeles Financial Sponsors Groups missed Would like to know more about exit opps, culture, and pay/perks Thanks. Los Angeles financial ... sponsors FSG CS credit suisse Goldman gs MS Morgan Stanley Barclays BAML Bank of America Merrill Lynch LA ... in the east coast but am originally from LA. I decided that I'll probably stay in the west coast ...
  • More suggestions...

Hope that helps.

Feb 22, 2019


Feb 25, 2019

I don't know of any major banks with a tech practice in LA but the Sponsors groups (CS, Barcap, MS) get exposure to a lot of tech company deals based on the focus of the West Coast PE firms they cover. However, this won't be exactly the same as a real dedicated tech practice up in the Bay Area.

Feb 25, 2019


Feb 26, 2019

Head of tech for Rothschild sits in their Bay Area office iirc; if they have a group in LA, it isn't their main one

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Feb 25, 2019

Roth capital

Feb 25, 2019