Does Prestige Matter At All When Studying Abroad

So I'm thinking about trying a study abroad program, but my school doesn't have super-prestigious institutes to do it at.

All I have are:

-Copenhagen Business School
-Bristol (I'd be doing econ and maybe a bit of finance there)
-Warsaw School of Economics
-National University in Singapore (again, I'd be doing econ and maybe a bit of finance here)

So obviously, none of these are that great besides NU and Bristol, but does that really matter for study aborad, or should I just go where I want to go?

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Nov 21, 2009

No one cares unless you are doing like LSE. Pick a study abroad program based off of one that will give you a great and fun experience. Remember, most people in the states just went someplace fun abroad and it doesn't positively or negatively impact your marketability.

The experiences you have while abroad are what impact your marketability like cool trips, life changing whatevers that you can talk about in an interview will help though.

Nov 21, 2009

My school doesn't have very good study abroad opportunities either. We had a study abroad fair earlier this year. Look at Butler University's study abroad. They have programs at LSE, Oxford, Cambridge among others. At my school, at least, the credits will transfer even though it isn't through them.

Nov 21, 2009

I'd say that the prestige of the institution you're studying abroad at has almost no impact on your candidacy for full time positions. In reality, the "value" of study abroad isn't the education received, but the life experiences gained. These experiences typically are not correlated with the quality of the institution attended.

In my opinion, you should choose your study abroad location based on destination and not much else. Personally, I'd recommend a program where you don't speak the native language as it presents additional challenges and excitement (and usually some really good stories).

Nov 22, 2009


Nov 22, 2009

i second compbanker regarding the language issue. if english is your native language, studying abroad at lse/oxbridge just doesnt give you nearly as cool an experience as somewhere you dont know the language, even if it means going to a "lesser" school.

Nov 23, 2009

as mentioned before, its all about having fun..
they wont really care which overseas uni you are going to.. they only care which uni you are studying/graduating from.. (i.e Harvard exchange in copenhagen.... V....... Non-target sch V LSE.. pple will take the former)

hope you get my drift and yup its all about having fun overseas and networking.. who knows someone might hire you.. so chill just have fun.. copenhagen and NUS sounds fun

Nov 25, 2009

Non-target person with high finance dreams