Does ranking matter? (FT Msc finance ranking)

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I just saw the FT 2018 ranking for pre-experience masters in finance, and it seems kinda absurd.
I can understand that HEC is number one, but would have guessed that MIT would get that spot. Furthermore, I have never heard of any of the school at spot 2 through 5.

Can anyone please enlighten me? I am from a Nordic country, and I would probably not get a job with Skema on my resume due to the fact that no one will have heard of it. MIT would probably place you in MBB or any IB of your choice.

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Jun 18, 2018

Yes, the FT ranking is 100% BS.

ESCP is well known in France and the UK though. But if you aren't French, I would avoid any of the French schools except INSEAD, HEC and ESCP.

Top European schools for masters: Oxbridge, LSE, LBS, HEC, Bocconi, IE, St Gallen.

ESCP would be the tier below, with Imperial, Warwick, ESSEC, etc

Jun 19, 2018

This is not set in stone tbh. In most of Europe, Warwick and Imperial would be higher than St Gallen (maybe not in Switzerland), IE, and ESCP for sure. In particular in the UK where most of the finance jobs are (I am from nordics as well, OP).

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Jun 19, 2018

To avoid any misinformation, St. Gallen and WHU are the absolutely best placing schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They place phenomenally well in London as well, most people actively chose to stay in the countries above though.

Jun 19, 2018

FT's ranking is BS, this is right. Anyway, mostly depends on you're goal; I mean, obviously if you're targeting London's job mkt you should go to the various Oxbridge, LSE (that is not even ranked), LBS, Imperial, Warwick, Cass and so on. They have the edge. Likewise, there are good uni in EU that allow you to land a job everywhere given their good brand (think SSE, Bocconi, and so on)

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Jun 23, 2018