Doing IB while a PT student

Hey Folks,

As I'm nearing my graduation from my MSF program in December, I have started applying to FT jobs. I am pretty much done with all the interesting aspects of the program and have only 3-4 bs classes to take, so I thought it would make sense to try to get a job now instead of later. I recently got an email for a phone interview at a lower MM IB. I know that I can tough it out in school while working IB hours but not sure how they would take it. Here are my options

1) Say that I will be doing IB while finishing school PT (my classes are at night btw so I can probably manage if the hours are not BB hours)
2) Tell them that I already graduated, but do classes on the side (at night)
3) Drop my classes, forget about the degree while I do IB for 2 years, and finish it later

Ultimately, my goal has been to break into wall street, and if I can get it done now then I don't really need my degree (given that I already have my BA). My chances aren't looking that great on other fronts right now, so I am willing to take a shot at it than wait until I'm close to graduating.

Thanks for the help.

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Aug 2, 2019


Aug 2, 2019


Aug 3, 2019

Would not recommend 2 or 3. 3 is a waste of money if you've mostly completed the program. 2 is silly as you will have random late nights no matter where you work, and 3-4 night classes is still a lot of hours.

I would ask if they can accommodate a January start (not uncommon) and if you really want to start now potentially work from now-then as an internship. That way you can wrap up the degree, get some experience, and January is only a few months away


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Aug 3, 2019

Thanks for the reply. I agree with 2 and 3, but it seems that they are looking for an analyst ASAP, so I don't see how the January window works. When I say part time, I mean that I will finish my remaining 3-4 courses throughout the year (taking maybe 1 class per quarter). Is that something that they could work with? Especially given that this is not a major bank and their hours might not always be the typical 90-100 hour weeks.

Aug 9, 2019