Doing PE/REPE in Hong Kong/China

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HI guys, recently I've researched and networked as hell to break into real estate private equity. I'm based in HK and found almost all the major funds based in the city are primarily focusing on mainland China. And almost everyone on the deal side (acquisition/investment roles) are local (rule out all the super western mega funds as I don't have previous IB experience so don't think I have a slim chance at all). Then I read something that foreigners have almost zero advantages doing PE in China as the work culture and people interactions are just fundamentally different between locals and westerners (which might explain why all the funds are filled with locals). I'm a native Chinese but I seriously dislike the local work culture (hierarchy, can't question anything said by the authority, obedience, just do whatever your supervisor asks you to do without raising a single question, almost treat your boss as an IDOL......). I'm well aware my perception is limited or maybe wrong, but at the moment I just wanna join a western firm. So here is my question, for ppl having experience or knowledge in PE/REPE in the region, do you think I'm after some conflicting things ----- western culture Vs. local team & local business?? I don't wanna find out myself stuck with the wrong things after all the efforts and time devoted. Would really appreciate your ideas. A little background of me: local developer acquisition (2 yrs) and international real estate consultancy (2 yrs) experience; focus on mid-size/niche market REPE.

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Jan 5, 2018