Donate to bail out women so they can see their kids on mother's day

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Title more or less says it all. I stumbled upon this article which states that there is a group out there attempting to raise donations in order to bail out women who are currently awaiting trial so that they can see their kids on mother's day.

Upon first sight this sounded ridiculous to me - just some new PC movement. To be fair however, they are focusing only on women who committed small-time crimes and who aren't a threat to society, and who just happen to be up against large bail charges. The article says that they are specifically focusing on women (AKA excluding men) because "motherhood, while revered culturally, is often not granted respect by the justice system", which was also an interesting tidbit of info.

Overall, this doesn't sound like a terrible idea. It's true that the justice system can sometimes lead to illogical jail time or unreasonable bail charges. However, it is a bit strange that they are focusing on women only when there are many statistics out there which point towards men having a tougher time when it comes to the legal system. How does reading this post/article make you guys feel?

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May 12, 2017

Look at custody statistics in divorce cases. That's all you need to know that the very basis of this article lacks merit. This culture puts motherhood on a pedestal. More PC nonsense helping women

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May 13, 2017

Great charity but BS logic behind it.

May 13, 2017