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May 8, 2014

There's no clear answer because the answer really is "it depends." PhD, MD, JD degree holders enter MBB at the same level as MBAs but that is not true across all of the second tier firms. OW usually hires PhDs (from what I hear) as BA + 1 year tenure credit equivalent. LEK hires into a specialist track.

Master's degree holders typically enter MBB at the same level as bachelor's degree holders, but there are exceptions (for significant professional experience, or a particularly prestigious master's degree like a Rhodes).

May 8, 2014

did u finally realize that prof u look up to is a disgusting immoral piece of trash? good for u.

how bout you now stop asking dumb-ass questions and get into a legitimate undergrad program first. mck aint hiring retards anytime soon (or Accenture/KPMG/etc for that matter). and grad schools don't admit from retard programs/schools either. or if you're skeezy enough...your strategy of getting a relative ad-com member to slip you into the medical school could work too!!!

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May 8, 2014

Well. That escalated quickly.

May 17, 2014

What graduate degree do you mean? From recruiting at my institution, PhD, MD and JD are considered "advanced degrees" at McK and BCG.

Non MBA masters degrees are usually only considered as a plus if you also have industry exp. Otherwise, the recruiter said that they're generally recruited at the same level as undergrad recruits.

May 22, 2014