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Hello Everyone,

New to the forum and lost on what to do and running out of time. I work in sales and currently employed, I have been with my company for 5 years and have out performed all expectations and targets every year. Even though I love the company I work for management in my branch is horrible and can only get worse. After a lot of evaluation of both the positive and negatives of working here I have made the decision that it's time to make a change.

I am in somewhat of a weird predicament, during my entire 20 year career I have never had to search for a job, every job I have ever had was a result of being recruited or from a referral. I am currently heavily recruited and have always politely declined consideration and interviews. Since I haven't really ever had to look for a job I wasn't really sure what to do so I updated my resume and reached out to six of the recruiters who had reached out to me. I was very surprised when all six responded within hours requesting a call to discuss my background and the opportunities they were working.

Within two days I had spoken with all six recruiters and agreed to let them submit me to the jobs they are recruiting on. Not really ever having been in this position and not knowing what to expect I was somewhat surprised that all six recruiters wanted to submit me to their clients, one of the recruiters even had two different opportunities with two different companies. To my surprise all seven companies immediately responded asking for interviews, this all happened in the first week which was last week. I had five interviews last week, three were by phone and the other two were in person. I also had two second interviews by phone with other members of two different companies as well, both being over the weekend. I interviewed with the other two companies this week and had second interviews with the remaining companies except for one that wants me to come in to their office for an in person interview. I also have a third interview with one of the companies next week which is also in person.

Here is my problem and I do not know what to do. I was extended an offer for one of the companies last week hours after my second interview which I declined, I just didn't feel as though the company was the right fit for what I am looking for. I also declined a third interview request from one of the companies, again I didn't feel like they were a good fir for what I am looking for. I officially received to job offers yesterday, been told by the recruiter for the one of the companies I am meeting with next week that they intend to extend an offer. The recruiter for the other company I am meeting with next week that the company has interviewed quite a few people and I am the first candidate they have asked to come in for a second interview. Of all of these companies I have interviewed with I have already made up my mind who I wanted to work for and knew they were going to extend me an offer which they did.

There was one company that wanted to interview me over lunch on Tuesday of this week. I met the owner and we talked for an hour and a half. I really enjoyed meeting and speaking with him and the more research on the company that I did the more I became really interested in them. I was asked to have dinner last night with both owners and their Sales Director. I was completely blown away by the company and everything they had to say. One of the things I learned was what their commission plan is which is five times more than my current plan and twice that of the company I was intending to work for. I was very upfront and transparent with them and told them them that I have already been extended several offers and was planning on accepting one of them. They asked me a lot of questions about the offers, including the salary, commission plan, and benefits. In the parking lot after dinner one of the owners told me that he is very interested in me and asked that "I not accept the offer I have until I hear back from him".

I am now at a loss, firstly I didn't expect to have the response that I did, I was hopeful that maybe three of the companies would want to interview me and that maybe one of them would extend an offer. I now have a good offer from a company that I like and would like to work for and think I am going to get another offer from another company that is higher on my list than the first one. I was asked to give the company who has already extended an offer by Monday and I just don't know what to do. I expect an offer from the company who I had dinner with last night but do not know if I will get an offer by Monday. I don't want to accept the first offer only to get a better offer from the other company and burn a bridge with the first company by backing out. I also don't want to decline the first offer but don't get an offer from the other company.

What do I do, I need advice on how to handle this situation.


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Jan 31, 2020