don't know what to do with my life - ibanking?

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I graduated this summer. I hate my job. I need to try something new.

My original plan was (is?) grad school. But if that doesn't work out, hey, maybe banking could be interesting. I hear you guys make a lot of money. What is the selection process like? I have no relevant experience and zero connections. What would I have to do to get a job?

I have a 3.97 from a "decent but nothing special" school (rank in the high 30s), two degrees, one of which is a BS in econ with a math minor, the other is a BA in a humanities discipline. I am an insane worker so I think I would like ibanking hours. I am quite quantitative and also have quite a bit of statistical programming experience but have only had maybe one finance class. I have no idea what bankers look for. God, being out of school sucks. I have zero direction.

Anyway. Let me know what you think.

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Dec 24, 2006

I have a job in banking lined up but I haven't graduated so take my advice with a grain of salt if you will. I have a friend who graduated from Penn with an Engg degree, he first worked for CSFB's IT dept in NY, found that he didn't like it, so he took Finance courses at NYU and got a job at Harris Nesbitt I-Banking division also in NYC. He was a first year Analyst at 24 but at least he didn't have to go back to B-School.

I reckon you can follow a similar path depending on what your choices are. As for the Banking lifestyle, salary, selection process etc There's tons of info on it everywhere, you shouldn't have trouble finding it if you do decide to dig deeper.

Dec 24, 2006

what do you hate about your current job? Chances are something like that is present in <abbr title="investment banking

"> you'll hate that even more since you'll be working crazy hours

Disclaimer: The post above has been made by someone who is not currently employed in IBD, and has not had an interview yet...

Dec 24, 2006

My job is not stimulating. I have almost no work to do. I surf the internet all day. The only work I do have is tedious and unchallenging programming. I want to work somewhere where I will at least be useful.

Dec 24, 2006

You need passion to keep you going in IB. If you are only in for the will burn out.

Dec 24, 2006