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I'm surprised no one's brought this up yet since it's been around a good year or two. But then again, the site went dormant for a few months during the start of 2010. Their articles/posts are always good laughs.

Few good ones are:
- Research Sales People Handbook
- Things the Buyside Never Wants to Hear, but Usually Does
- Trading Room or Three Ring Circus?
- Buy Sider's Training Manual
- It's An Easy Business, It's the People That Make it Difficult

I initially learnt about the site from my old co-worker from Cash Equities.

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Nov 22, 2010

Saw the site yesterday (it was posted in another thread, forget which one) and the site is hilarious. Recommend checking it out..

Nov 29, 2010

That site is fucking hilarious... thanks for the heads-up. SBs all around!

Nov 29, 2010