Do's and Don'ts of WSO. part 2

If you haven't read the introduction this may read awkwardly. That said, like the best self-help books I'll throw you a money-back guarantee if the following tactics don't improve results.

Oh wait...this is free content.

Proceed to DO The Following:

1) DO

Give me a reason...I often make analogies to the dating game as it is strikingly similar to your job hunt and career aspirations. You are trying to get someone to give you something. Just use your head. What do they want from you? Do they want to be your guidance counselor? Babysitter? GPA calculator? Top 10 chart maker? Salary info provider?

As you may have noticed...these are all things you want from the person you are contacting. Give guys a reason to like you....offer them something...

No, I do not need box seats to the Yankees

I like the Mets...

Give them the respect of not treating them like a magic 8-ball. Which means if you have never spoken to them before, do not approach them asking for a favor. Build rapport, establish a connection. Give this person a reason to like you, don't be a brat. Be humble. This is not achieved by ass-kissing, it is achieved by building a connection. This CANNOT be accomplished in one PM.

2) DO

Take off the mask. Easy for this guy to say , isn't it?

SPOILER ALERT: If you expect real help, expect to show up like a real person.

That means "Hi, my name is Bob, I go to XYZ and I want do get into 123, can you help?"

I can wear a mask and talk about foo-foo-flops. Your MD can take two cocktail waitresses and pull a Fredo mid-interview... you can't do any of these things

You will do yourself a HUGE FAVOR if you piggy back step #2 onto step #1 one. It shows that you are serious and respectful, the two prerequisites that professional people need in order to vouch for you or place their trust in you.

If you are having trouble securing a job or landing an interview, there is likely to be a huge correlation between your approach and your failure. The overwhelming majority of guys on WSO have solid resumes (if not strong ones).

The attitude you approach an interview or a cold call with, will determine more than your Jedi Knighthood in Excel or your ability to Pimp My DCF!!!

3) DO

Get a life dude! I get're the next Buffet Tudor Soro-Bertson. Well, news to ya, pal...

Nobody really cares

People are looking to bring aboard employees who they'll be able to stand on a daily basis. The main requirements in reality ...are simply: "don't burn the house down" and "don't make me bring a semi-automatic assault weapon to work in order to deal with you".

Nobody cares that you want to take over the world...They want to know you are human being who they will enrich their firm in a variety of ways. Have a hobby an interest or better yet... a personality.

Newsflash: The other guys who want that job are also smart and ambitious .

Show me that I can take you hunting with my drunk buddies and that you won't give them a reason to shoot you by accident .

Now that something you want on your resume.


Follow these rules and you'll have mad bread to break up, if not...back office...6 a.m...everyday...on the wakeup!

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