Double Majoring in Math+Finance

Hello everyone! I am currently a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill who is planning on double majoring in finance and mathematics. I am almost dead set on working in some sort of finance related job (IB, PE, VC, etc.) but I am not sure exactly which one I want to do yet. I am also not sure if I want to do a heavier quant role yet. I enjoy both math and finance, and the addition of the math major, i'm hoping, will help me stand out in recruiting and show more of my quant abilities that other recruits may not have-does this sound like a valid plan? In that case, should I pursue a BA in math or a BS in math (which one would be more applicable for a business career like finance). I have almost half of the math major done with credits from high school, so I don't think my GPA would necessarily be affected by adding the math major. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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