Dress code for West Coast IB

Can someone who currently or has in the past worked at an IB on the west coast (SF specifically) give a general breakdown of the dress code that I should stick with as a summer analyst

Currently, I was planning on doing a rotation of Brooks Brothers (BB) button downs, maybe 3 or so BB slacks, 2 navy ties (just in case for clients), a few belts that are generally brown and grey, and 2 shoes (specifically these 1 & 2). Also am planning on tacking on a few quarter zips / sweaters in case it gets cold and also own 1 navy blazer.

Am I missing something or getting something wrong?

For example, for the shoes, do west coast bankers wear allen edmond cap toe oxfords or something similar or is that just an east coast thing? 

Would really appreciate the advice. Wanna make sure I don't look like a goof. Thanks! 

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