Dress Code/What to Wear on the Trading Floor in 2021?

I will be starting FT at a top BB in S&T this summer and am currently in the proccess of updating my wardrobe accordingly. I'm just wondering what the norm is these days espicially post WFH.

Does anybody wear suits anymore on the trading floor? I plan on wearing just slacks and a button down most days. I will be working in sales if that is relevant. Are there any particular brands for pants/shirts/shoes that people recommend? Basically just trying to get a feel of what people are wearing in 2021 and figure out what I need to purchase before my start date. Most of the other posts covering this were pretty outdated so thought it would be helpful to bring up for myself and other incoming analysts. Appreciate the help. 

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Jun 23, 2021 - 3:55pm

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