Drink this Chicken Soup, Let’s Carry on

The wealth management market is always changing. We have heard about myths of millionaires, however, there are only endless winters in sight.

As it is too cold, we may drink chicken soup. When your opinion differs from that of the professor's, you may like this:

"You can never think that there is only one outstanding business representative in the world, you can never think that you can be free from the influence of personality. I spent millions of dollars and learned that the trader's another dangerous enemy is that he may be impressed by the agile, glamorous, eloquent person, and gives up his judgment."

When you are ready to learn, you may like this:

"Take the market as a teacher, practice without regret, learn hard without tireless, and be modest without being slack."

When your investment is successful, you may like this:

"If I'm alive, I will buy stocks. Till I die, the decrease doesn't stop. How worried I am? Just like the green color of the stock!"

However, when you are complacent in the financial market, you will not drink chicken soup, because the happiness brought by making money is strong enough, you don't need to add chicken soup to taste. It is the time when you are upset that you need chicken soup to warm your body. If you are obsessed with chicken soup now, I guess you are not so comfortable in the financial market.

However, do not be too worried. Be able to drink chicken soup also shows that the condition is not so serious. People who are really tragic have no feeling of drinking chicken soup.

You may have heard of investors who invested their whole assets, even borrowed to invest. Chicken soup is boring for them. And the reason for this is that, under the temptation of interest, the amount of investment exceeds its own ability.

If you have a hundred dollars, don't take out 70 or 80 to invest, and you can't borrow money to invest. For the vast majority of people, this should be an iron-like rule. The general investment behavior should be an asset value-adding means, not a way to get rich in one night. Investment, regardless of success or failure, should not seriously affect their normal life.

At least I can still drink chicken soup.

However, the paradox is that, people usually think that they are not "the vast majority of people", and the investment opportunities they are facing are not "general investment behavior."

As "ignorance and insignificant are not obstacles to survival, but arrogance is", chicken soup can be occasionally drunk, but if you can't estimate your investment ability well, the failure will just be around.

Well, congratulations to drinking this bowl of chicken soup. If you are complacent, be calm, if you are not successful at this moment, after drinking this soup, let's fight again.

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Oct 26, 2018