Dual Monitors or Ultra-Wide Monitor?

Finance undergrad here--looking to get a new setup for at home. I have multiple windows open in Excel and have access to dual monitors at school, however I usually just split Excel into two screens on one monitor. For those who have used both, do you prefer two screens or an ultra-wide monitor? Ultra-wide looks to be the far cheaper option but I am open to either at the moment.

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Comments (4)

Jan 28, 2018

Haven't had the chance to play around with ultra-wides; however, I'm running a three monitor setup and love it so far. I usually use each monitor for one purpose (excel file, PDF, web page, etc) and am so much more productive then running just one monitor.

Side note - if you decided to more than two monitors and need to buy adapters for your computer's outputs, aim to buy active adapters as opposed to passive ones. Long story short, I had no idea there were two different types and only realized after hours of fucking around with my new computer and having it reject the third monitor.

Jan 28, 2018

Alright, thank you for the help. Three sounds like a lot for my needs but I'm glad I've got the answer on how to set it up from you. May have to try it out.

Jan 28, 2018