Dubai Consulting/IB

I have few specific questions for Consulting/IB in Dubai

1) What are the non-ME target undergrad schools for Analyst? (I presume LSE, Oxbridge, HYPSM maybe even Bocconi, WHU and St. Gallen (NYUAD?))
2) What is the comp? Is it Comparable to NYC/SF/SG or more like Europe/LDN?
3) How is the work-life balance (hahahaha) compared to NYC or Europe
4) Is knowing Urdu, Hindi, English, German and Italian good enough or do I absolutely need to know Arabic as well?
5) Is IB/Consulting junior level in Dubai really a complete career suicide as people say it is due to relatively shallower markets or are there good future options to move to other offices like in LDN/Frankfurt/Milan/Amsterdam/NYC/SG/India?
6) Since I have lived in a city where summer temperatures cross 50 C or 122 F and I have no problem with heat as I am pretty much accustomed to it, how are other aspects of life in Dubai such as high end luxury, taxes, dating, clubs?
7) Will I be able to buy a Porsche? :,)

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Sep 11, 2021 - 11:14am

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