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Hey guys, just a quick question about the two graduate programs I'm mainly considering Duke MMS and USC MSF. I will definitely want to go into finance for jobs so I'm not sure which program is better to find a job?
I heard that Duke FOB is a cash cow, but not sure if it is true? I'm a little concerned if the program has bad reputations... Also, the class profile for Duke MMS is gpa 3.4 gmat 570-750 VS USC gpa 3.6 gmat 700.
A little background about myself: USC business undergrad with 3 internships in wealth management, hedge fund and corporate finance.
Any thoughts or recommendation is very much appreciated!

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Mar 19, 2018

Any Duke current students that know the program well?

Mar 19, 2018

Placements wise, I think Duke is better but you won't learn anything since you're a business undergrad. USC if you like finance and if STEM status matters to you.

Mar 19, 2018