Duke MMS vs Villanova MSF vs NYU MA Econ for breaking into IB

Question for the gang in the B-School section:

What has the best chance of placing into an analyst level role in IB in the NYC area (no preference for MM/BB), the Duke MMS program, Villanova MSF program, or NYU MA Econ program?

I know Duke is relatively new, which is what worries me. But the Duke name (to me) seems like it has more pull than Villanova. But NYU is right in the middle of everything as far as Finance is concerned (heck its NYC after all), but its also an Econ Degree which seems to be geared towards academia rather than the real world.

How is the placement for these programs for someone looking to break into IB from a non-target, engineering background (who has been working for about a year).

And what would be some other schools that place in the NYC area (that are not too quant heavy, ie non MFE programs)

Thanks all!