Durham (Business) vs UT Austin (Econ not McCombs) vs Fordham (Gabelli)

Hey, I am an international student and I just got offers from the business schools at Durham (UK) and Fordham (NY) and from the liberal arts school for Economics at UT Austin. I'm not 100% sure about what industry I want to go into yet but I really like trading and consulting at the moment. Since I did not get into McCombs I'm worried I will be gatekept from accessing certain resources and recruiting events whereas Fordham is known for its business school. I think Durham on the other hand is very prestigious but I'm not sure not their business school is seen at the undergraduate level. UT is the most expensive option for me rn, while Durham and Fordham cost somewhat the same although the cost is not a big factor in my decision.

I want to know the differences in opportunities available with internships, recruiting, compensation, career opportunities in the UK vs US, etc. Any input would be much appreciated, thank you for your time!

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