Early Stage VC to Late Stage / Growth Equity

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Hello - I recently left an early stage VC role as an associate to take some time off and pursue a couple side projects. Now that I'm nearly complete with my side projects I'm looking to re-join a tech investing firm. However, after much reflection, I think I want to move later-stage, more so growth equity.

Dream gig is to do both late stage private investing as well as making some public market investments. There are a few crossover funds that I know (Tiger, Coatue, Greenoaks) but I recognize that I don't have the "right" resume for those positions and those are tough to get for even folks that have all the right pedigree (Ivy, GS/MS TMT, MF, etc). If I want to aim for something like that I'd need to probably spend some time at a couple of shops in between.

Has anyone made the transition from early stage investing to late stage / growth? I'm getting plenty of interviews from my network and other job postings for early-stage gigs but I don't find them as attractive and don't think they really further my career as an investor.

I'm biased towards NYC over SF, Boston, LA.

Or is my best shot to go to Bschool?

I went to a target for undergrad, MM IB for 2 years, Series A/B VC for 2 years...

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Jan 11, 2019
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