Easiest/Best Way to Follow Assigned Companies Without Expensive Software

Hello all!

I just recently graduated from school and as my first real job have started a very non-traditional APAC equity analyst gig in a developing country. Basically, I'm helping my employer (a real estate company) reinvest money made from its main business, doing both portfolio management and US equities research work to assist with this.

Obviously, I don't have access to Bloomberg or FactSet or anything like that in this context. What free resources would you all recommend for me to efficiently follow a list of assigned portfolio companies? More specifically, I'm imagining some tool where I enter my companies' tickers and it pools together all headlines relevant to those companies for me to read somewhere that I can refresh/go back to every day. Also forseeably useful would be some way to view a calendar of my companies' future earnings reports, events relevant to those companies, etc. Hopefully you get the idea.

Perhaps some of what I'm describing being available for free in a way that's of quality high enough quality to be useful is a pipe dream. I suppose I'm just wanting feedback on what tools would make me most efficient at doing my job of following my assigned companies. Seeking Alpha's Portfolio feature perhaps does a version of the news pooling function I described, but I'm unsure whether this feature is considered useful or reputable by people who know what they're doing.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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Jun 18, 2019 - 3:34pm

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