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I'm updating my wardrobe for my sophomore internship this summer, mostly in the way of dress slacks. Next summer I will be at an EB for my junior internship, and would like to buy clothes this summer that I can wear next summer.

Everyone talks about buying suits for internships, but no bankers I've ever met with for coffee have been in a suit (even without a tie). Mostly dress shirt and vest.

What is the dress code for elite boutiques? If nobody wears suits, I will save money and buy slacks without the jacket.

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Jun 6, 2018

They wear the whole suit to office and take off the stuff when doing monkey work. Unless they are meeting a client or MD, they dont put back th whole suit on.

My suggestion: Buy 2/3 suits (shades of black, grey, navy) and 5 blue/white shirts and youre good. As for socks, my rule is to only buy black socks that you wont have to worry about matching them after laundry

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Jun 7, 2018

Both Evercore and Moelis are business causal, no jackets needed unless you are going to a client meeting. Just buy 10 shirts and 5 slacks.

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Jun 7, 2018

I'd reach out to someone at the firm you'll be with to figure out what the most appropriate dress is.

Whether it's suits or no suits, I have found it convenient having grey or black pants/suits and shirts that go with them (pretty much any shirt). That way, no matter what shirt/pant (or suit) you grab out of the closet in the morning you are good to go.

Jun 11, 2018