EB IB vs BB Credit Risk

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Okay before people start saying this is a stupid post. I have an option of either doing EB IB M&A generalist at a elite boutique like Greenhill/Evercore/Moelis/Rothschild type place vs a GS/JP/MS credit risk (not sure which desk). I know people say take IB if you have it, but I have interned in IB for several summers and the long hours are just something I know I cannot stand for two years. Credit risk seems somewhat technical too and probably has decent exit opps. I don't think I want to do PE. Maybe VC or Corp dev or even switch over to something more markets like GCM. What do you guys think in terms of the balance between better hours/slightly worse exit opps/worse pay vs worse hours/better exits/better pay?

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May 6, 2018

I would say go to EB IB for a year and then try to move out. If you are not going for PE then you won't need to stick around for two years... you can get the brand on your resume and try to find an exit opp with an immediate start so you only spend a year there.

May 6, 2018

Wtf you mean you can't handle long hours. Man up and do IB anyone else would kill for that role. Do you know how much more prestigious IB is than fkn credit risk which isn't even front office??

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May 6, 2018

Take the IB offer. If a time comes when you're at credit risk still, applying for another job, and you don't even get a call from the new opportunity, you will always wonder 'if I had taken the other job, would I have gotten the call?' Truth is, generally speaking, a job at an EB IB will get you interviews that you wouldnt have gotten at a BB's credit risk team, but not the other way around. Like the other post said, it's best to stay in it for a year, reap the exit opportunities into whatever field you want to go, and then bounce.

May 6, 2018