Hi, I am a VP at a US based EB in one of its local office in Europe. I am looking to live in the US (personal reasons) tho I have no connections there so I am planning to do an MBA at an M7 and then continue in IB. How easy it is the move to VP at a BB?


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Feb 23, 2021 - 10:05am

MBA recruitment for IB in the US typically happens for the Associate level. Why not apply directly to BBs for their US offices and see if you can get any traction through there?

Feb 23, 2021 - 10:22am

The main determinant of your chances in getting an IB job out of an MBA given your background is your visa situation.

If you have a green card or citizenship, I can guarantee you now that you will get an associate position. I have seen prior US bankers in my MBA program being able to choose among the banks while others struggled to get one offer.

If your visa situation isn't favorable, you are going to be second to last in competitiveness, only above the internationals with no prior banking experience. I have seen excellent ex bankers, great kids with awesome attitude, from Asia and Europe not being able to secure an offer.

My advice to you is to do an MBA only if you are comfortable with the idea of not getting an IB offer

Hope this helps and best of luck with whatever you decide

  • VP in IB-M&A
Feb 23, 2021 - 10:26am

Many thanks! I am confortable trying a different route (CorpDev or PE). In fact I was thinking of pursuing the IB route because I thought it might be easier.

With the M7 MBA I will get STEM OPT visa (3 years). After talking with other MBAs of the same nationality than me they tell that with that visa it is easy to get a job in most of the firms

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Feb 23, 2021 - 10:51am

Good to know that this happens in others schools. I just would like to mention that my experience is also with STEM OPT visa. You will still require H-1B sponsonrship and many banks have unofficial quotas on how many sponsorships they give.

You seem chill about IB so go for it.

P.S. If the personal reasons are a girl that you want to follow, I say go for it regardless of what happens. :)

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  • Associate 1 in IB - Gen
Feb 23, 2021 - 5:36pm

I would try to make the move directly. Find Senior Associate and VP roles in your industry coverage in the US and try to get hired. Assuming you're at a place that has a solid brand in the states. The only time I've seen people with international IB experience get an MBA in the states to move into IB in the states is a few guys that were IB associates at local shops in India that don't have much brand recognition here. Those guys all got MBAs at top US programs and then re-did their associate stints. They were all very well regarded since they could hit the ground running, but as a VP at an EB, I don't think that's what you are going for. 

If internal mobility isn't great at your firm, maybe try to switch firms within your market to one that is known for better mobility?

Feb 24, 2021 - 9:14am

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