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I am first semester sophomore at a semi-target state university about to apply to the business school to declare my major and complete my upper division courses. I know that I am interested in the buy side and am attracted to Asset Management, wealth management, portfolio management, and equity research. My question, however is what to do with my degree. I am currently taking classes in computer science to earn a minor in computer science and was planning on double majoring in Finance and Business Economics (both a BS degree from the business school). I currently have a 3.51 GPA. My question however is should I focus on my GPA and major in either Finance or BE and keep my minor in CS or double major and drop my minor. I am interested in CS but do not see myself doing it as a part of my job later on, but have heard from many that CS is a great skill to have. What would you recommend?

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Sep 14, 2017

Im no expert so take the following with a grain of salt. Focus on GPA with a relevant major i.e Finance and economics. These seem to be most prominent on the street. I would use your minor to explore your intellectual interests. I am planning on double majoring in Economics and English or Economics and Philosophy for that very reason. Good luck.

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Sep 16, 2017

Would it be worth the time to take two extra math classes and major in finance and minor in computer science and mathematics?

Sep 16, 2017