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I just started my sophomore year at a HYPSM school and am currently working on a degree in political science. I'm making good progress and can now pick up a second major. However, I don't have much of an idea of what I want to do in life, but making good money is an important consideration, and I'll probably try to attend b-school at some point (maybe will try to go for consulting out of undergrad).

I could major in econ, but my GPA would probably be around 3.2-3.4, and on top of that I hate math and would have to force myself to be interested, although for me it would be the most engaging and accessible "mathy" degree. On the other hand, I could take history as my second major, and given my passionate interest in it, would probably graduate with a 3.7-3.9, with extra time to do on-campus research and maybe would rack up some honors in the process, however I'd have two fairly redundant degrees. If I did H/PS, I'd supplement it with something like the Dartmouth Bridge program and take a few basic classes on accounting and economics.

So whats the call? Am I screwed for MBB (for example) if I take history/political science? Or is it worth it to grind through economics/political science?

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Sep 22, 2015

If you go to a HYPSM, you won't be screwed regardless of what you take, even if it's women's studies. I'd personally take economics, but if you really think your GPA will be a full 0.5 worse than economics, than go with history. No one cares about your major at Ivies.

Sep 23, 2015

If you can intelligently talk about why you majored in history, you should do history. I'm majoring in a similar non-economics major, and whenever someone's asked about it in interviews, my answer usually seems to impress them a lot. Same thing with "what was your favorite class and why" question (class should be tangentially related to finance/business somehow). Plus it makes you stand out from the hundreds of other econ guys.

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  •  Sep 28, 2015