Emailed HR for Follow-up, Head of Department Replied to Me

I'm applying for an internship at ER in a BB in a non-US international city, relatively small-scale and is more of like a satellite office in the region.

I just finished my final interview last week with three senior analysts (2 ED and 1 VP) and I assume one of them is probably the Head of Research. At the end of my interview, I was told that the outcome of my application will be out in a week or two.

It's been a week since my interview, so I reached out to HR to follow up. The HR replied to me that she'd check with the manager (aka the Head of Research) and get back to me. And about five minutes later, the Head of Research emailed me saying that they're moving toward the hiring process and that I shall hear back the result in coming days, ending the email with "Stay tuned!" In this email, the Head of Research also copied one of the two senior analysts who interviewed me. The senior analyst (a VP) who's cc'ed in the email is on the same team with the Head of Research-they're covering the same sector while the other analyst also on the interview call me with was covering a different sector from theirs.

Does it sound like a positive sign that the Head of Research wrote back to me directly (it was only HR who contacted me about interviews and I didn't know the analysts' mail addresses), instead of through HR, and that another analyst is cc'ed in the email? Or am I simply reading too much into it…?

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Mar 31, 2021 - 11:55pm

Nice job

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