Emailing Head of talent acquisition (referred to by Senior PM) for internship

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Hi guys!
First some background; I finished my MSF last year, am CFA L3 candidate and currently work in mgmt consulting (focused on assissting CFO function) but would like to lateral to asset management or equity research. During studies I was member of student investment fund and participated in equity research competition where I did very well - so that is kind of spin to my story. Anyways ...
I recently talked with Senior PM from a well known private bank (AM and WM) and asked a bit about his job and internship opportunities in the firm. He said that where he is stationed they have a small office, but that I can contact Head of Talent Acquistions and I can show my interest there. He said that I can refer his name.
Now normally if this would be a PM that I would be contacting I would write an email and say that I am interested more about his experience in AM and ask for a phone call and then feel it out before asking for internship, but since this is Head of TA I'm guessing I should write right away what I really want.
How would you guys approach this? I was thinking something along the lines:
"Dear Mr. XXXXX,
my name is XXXXX and I have finished MSF last year and am currently working in finance focused mgmt consulting boutique. I have recently been in contact with Senior PM from your firm XXXXX and he told me to contact you to see if there are any open positions within your firm where my profile could fit in.
As a reference I am attaching my CV.
Looking forward to ....

Warm Regards,

What are your toughts on this? Too forward? Should I write to him as well to ask first a bit about the field? Was maybe thinking to even write a cover letter, but I guess that would be an overkill at this stage.

In addition I have two more "warm leads". Warm as in, I have met them and had a decent conversation with. One is Head of Research at an office of a major AM firm, who I met at the aforementioned equity research competition, and the other is Senior PM, who I met at some networking event. Both unfortunately not from country I work in now (am in Europe).
I havent yet contacted the first one, but I guess here it would be better to ask for a phone call and ask about their experience?

Now with the second one I have already exchanged a few messages on LinkedIn couple of months ago (when I was not yet determined I want to seek for a new job) and in his last message he said that if I am looking for an equity analyst job in his country that I let him know. For some unknown reason I did not even answer the guy to that last message (I am a moron I know) and now I just find it awkward to follow up couple of months later. But what do I have to loose right? Should I apologize and write or would that make it even more weird?

Would really appreciate any insights :)

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Sep 5, 2019

Timing Is Everything.

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