Hey guys

I am in the midst of FT job search and I am getting desperate. Do you guys think that if I did secure the email address of a recruiter at a BB it would be a wise idea to cold email them my resume directly and asking for a job?

you think this has a chance of working or not?

thanks in advance guys

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i don't know if you're trolling or not. But if you aren't: how many times does it needed to be said around here that it is a BAD idea to cold-email resumes asking for jobs? Especially at a BB bank with a rigid hiring process...

And if you're looking @ IB, FT recruiting ended like 3 months ago. Aim for boutiques.

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I'm curious, how could this possibly hurt a candidate as you say its a BAD idea? I understand the rigid process but why not at least send it with a note stating you know you missed the normal recruiting time but want to express interest for a future opportunity?

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The process is extremely rigid and they may not respond, but it is worth a shot? What year are you in?


Skip the recruiter. Find an alumni. If there are no alumni, find the head of the group you want to work in and cold call.


I tried the alumnii route, didn't work out for me. I am a senior looking for a FT, the reason I am reaching out now is because I have been interning at a boutique investment bank which has made my resume a lot better. And Ya I want to cold call but I can't seem to find the phone numbers, alls I have is names.

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