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So, I'm in a non-target school in the Netherlands (University of Maastricht), and my study programme specialisation requires me to do an abroad internship in an emerging market country.

I feel like the course I have chosen is more focused on consulting than IB. I'm doing my Major in finance, so I will be a B.Sc of Economics & Business Economics specialised in Emerging Markets with Finance Major. Planning to do a Master's in Finance but that's for the future. 

I still have some second thoughts about consulting that could fit the emerging market internship more than IB, so If there are any recommendations for consulting internships they will be appreciated as well. 

My internship has to start next January and I will have to write my bachelor's thesis based on what I did during that internship.

I guess that in such countries there is only IB back office? What could be my best shot to continue work in finance maybe even getting to BB later in the future? 

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Jan 14, 2022 - 6:15am

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