Emory Goizueta 1Y MBA for MBB, tech PM and tech bizops role

Emory Goizueta 1Y MBA for MBB, tech PM and tech bizops role

I am an international student and I've recently been admitted to Goizueta's one-year MBA program with no scholarship. (At the waitlist of a T15 and waiting as well)

I am slightly older than average but I don't have much work experience.
I am interested in consulting (MBB) and tech (bizops/strategy but will also explore the PM role)
I have checked the employment report and other relevant sources. It seems to me that almost 50% of 1Y MBA students found their jobs via themselves instead of resources from the school.

I also wonder how many students went into MBB each year (most probably the Atlanta office? And where else? Because most of the graduates stay in the South, I didn't find many data points of students who went somewhere else) . Are most of the students went to Big 4 consulting? Does internationals have a good shot?
I heard that the recruitment for Atlanta offices has been decreasing (is that true?) and many tier 2 firms won't look at internationals.
I found a limited number of graduates who went into tech for bizops/pm roles. How is the recruitment scene for tech?

I also wonder why some T15 schools send higher % of students to MBB versus T20? Is it mostly because of the training the school give or interview slots or what?

An MBA is a very heavy investment and I want to know more about the situation.

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Jan 13, 2022 - 2:51pm

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