Emory Goizueta or UCLA business econ for consulting

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Hi-so as May 1st approaches, I still find that I cannot make a decision about college. I have narrowed it down to Emory and UCLA. I hope to enter the consulting field after college and I just wanted some fresh opinions on which of these two schools could set me up better for this future. Emory would be about double the cost of UCLA since I would get an instate tuition from UCLA. My mother is also a partner at a consulting firm which could help for internships and networking around LA. We also have some family connections with a former advisor to the econ dept at UCLA. But, Emory ranks pretty well in undergrad business. So, my questions are: is it worth it to spend the extra money for Emory, will getting internships be harder at UCLA and, is it very competitive to get a job as a consultant coming from UCLA? thanks

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Apr 20, 2014

Simple. UCLA. More info please?

Apr 20, 2014

anything you would like to know specifically? also, why UCLA? I just am curious on the rationale behind it.

Apr 20, 2014