End Goal is to land a brokerage internship next year so which one do I choose now.

Hi everybody, I'm a current junior going into summer with 2 internships to choose from which aren't either brokerage..... I have an offer to intern at a major brokerage firm (top 3) with their valuations and advisory team in a major market (but it's all the way across the country). The other internship is a multi family asset management summer position with a family office who run about 700MM in assets with 300MM in construction (near my house). Which one will help me land an internship next year in brokerage. (I also have a connect with an MD for the brokerage firm near me but they didn't have any openings this year). Oh I also already have a year long corporate real estate internship finished. Thank you!

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Apr 28, 2021 - 8:52am

You're over thinking it - it's an internship. It's not going to effect you getting your next role. However, if you want to be in a brokerage, it might make sense to intern at the brokerage on the valuations team - do a fantastic job - and than parlay that into a different team in the brokerage the following year. To do this, focus on doing good work and creating strong relationships over the summer. Most people won't care at the end of the summer when you say this was awesome, let's stay in touch, and I would love an intro to xyz person, too, to learn about them and their role here - can you help make that intro? 

Apr 28, 2021 - 12:02pm

Would definitely say valuations. If your goal is brokerage, the brand name and work that is relevant/understood by a brokerage team will be more helpful to you. If you tell me you worked on the valuations team at CBRE, I know exactly what you did all summer and I know it's relevant to my team. If you tell me you did asset management at a family office I have never heard of, I frankly have no clue how you actually spent your summer. 

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