Engineering Consulting -> Aussie MBA -> Australian McK?

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Hi all, I've been on this forum for awhile and this is my first post, hope you guys could provide some advice.

I'm currently a Structural Engineer doing seismic consulting work for the biggest Engineering firm in NZ (data grinding, modelling, churning out report and presentation for clients aka the nerd job). I'm based in Singapore, graduated from NUS (GPA 3.4, Civil Engineering, GMAT 750 and has an Australian PR. My plan is to take up an MBA in Aussie and transition into MC, since having a PR would help with employment (I guess? Maybe I'm wrong).

My question is, do I stand a chance at all for McK (BA position) if I were to take up an MBA in Australia? ( specifically Capital and Infrastructure Projects department) I believe my technical experience would be relevant to part of their works. However, MBAs in Australia are not that well ranked to be honest, so I'm not sure whether having a local MBA would be an advantage or disadvantage to McK process.

Also, Melbourne Bschool or AGSM? If anyone is familiar

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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Jun 6, 2018

Personally, with your job experience you could work well on their capital projects & infrastructure and metals & mining engagements. I have some friends (granted, healthcare isn't engineering) who spent their uni years and some work years as doctors or biomedical researchers and ended up in MBB healthcare teams. Therefore, I dare say an MBA may not be needed for the BA position if you come from a quantitative degree (which MBBs love) and have professional experience. Doing one would certainly help though.

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Jun 7, 2018

Generally an MBA isn't required to join an Australian MBB they heavily weight more your UG studies and experience vs the US. So try without wasting time and money.

MBA's from Australian schools have traditionally been seen as a waste of money and a whole lot of crock down-under. Though this sentiment is changing slowly,

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Sep 22, 2018