Engineering to Strategy/Corp Dev: Ideal Master's Program?- MEM from Duke, MS Fin from IU Kelley, or others?

Hey everyone,

I'm currently working in a corporate finance role in aerospace/defense looking to break into a strategy or corp dev role within my firm. My employer provides tuition assistance towards a part-time or online master's degree.

I have an engineering background with a business minor, high GPA, 1 year of work experience, and am planning on preparing for the GMAT or GRE soon. (Exam prep depends on program I aim for). I plan on an MBA further down the road so I don't intend on exercising that option right away.

The options I'm currently exploring are:

1) Duke's Master's in Engineering Management
- Pros: Great brand, technology/engineering-oriented curriculum (applicable to my current firm/industry), distance learning option (online with short residencies)

2) IU Kelley's Online Master's in Finance
-Pros: stong finance core curriculum, online with short residency (and option for study abroad consulting project), highly transferable skill set

3) Georgetown Online Master's in Finance
-Pros: great brand, smooth delivery model with cohort-based learning, study abroad for consulting project, consulting track (great skill set for strategy)

4) Boston University Online Master's in Finance
Pros: Could start right away, flexible scheduling, robust generalist curriculum, no GMAT/GRE required

Please feel free to share any thoughts, and to addresss my assumptions about the programs I listed. (I'm a novice to business graduate programs!)

Thank you for your help!

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Aug 27, 2018