For lack of a better way to describe myself, I'm in year 3 of the ridiculously overrated 2+2+2 path (for the WSO noobs--> 2 years IB + 2 years PE + B-School). I'm at a middle market fund and have actually enjoyed the post IB experience a lot. Contrary to a lot of what has been said about associates leading banking-2.0 style lives at PE funds, I've been lucky to not have it that bad (at least so far).

Anyway, I do plan to go to b-school for either (i) post MBA PE; or (ii) latching on to a legitimate, interesting business opportunities in a bus-dev/strategy sorta role to grow the business (not talking about a Fortune 500, more VC phase, pre-growth equity). I've received enough advice around Route 1, but are there people here who picked Route 2. Could you share your thoughts on that? I'd be extremely interested to listen to people's opinions.


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