Entry-Level Job or Masters From NYU?

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Hi Guys,
I will be graduating from Rutgers University this December and want to pursue a career in real estate development, particularly in New York City. Although I have pretty decent experience in real estate sales and development while I was in college, I am finding it hard to get traction on possible real estate development related jobs and am afraid I wont be able to secure anything for a number of months. However, I was also recently accepted to attend the NYU masters in real estate development program.

My dilemma is in deciding whether I should put off NYU in order to search for a decent development job, or put off getting a job to pursue the masters. Although I know my prospects will greatly open up with a masters degree, I am also worried about going in debt. At the same time I am extremely anxious to start working and getting my feet wet, but realize some of the positions I want I may be under qualified for. What should I do? Would love to hear any and all input on this.

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Nov 8, 2018

You must be aware of where we are in the cycle at the moment and how that impacts hiring on the development side. I find that you will get the most out of the program once you have some real experience under your belt. I would open up your options to careers path as you may be able to transition over to the dev. side when the opportunity comes along. Ive seen Debt/Equity/lending guys go over to the dev side after a year or two of exp.

Nov 8, 2018

Although I have real estate experience I did not major in finance, construction or architecture so it is hard for me to choose a career path the will eventually lead me back into RE development.

Nov 8, 2018