So I have recently received an offer to take on an internship at Sandford Bernstein for equity research and another offer to do trading at Citi (again internship). Both internships are 10 weeks long and are this summer. I am from an engineering background and am genuinely attracted to both.

SCB pros: intake of two interns, good pay and good change of converting.

Citi pros: well structured internship, 60 % conversion and big name.

As they're so different, I struggle to rank them. I understand it is up to my ambitions, but at the moment I lack of big names in my CV. I also feel that one offers good BB-standard career progression, whereas the other offers good buy-side exit ops.

Command me what to do.

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I already said this in the other thread, but if you have any interest whatsoever in equity research or moving to the buy-side in the long-term, absolutely go with Bernstein.

I suspect that anyone who recommends the Citi internship over the Bernstein internship simply doesn't know what Bernstein is. As far as sell-side research goes, Bernstein is one of the best, if not the best shop on the street. Although it doesn't have the same name brand recognition among random day-to-day people (so you won't be able to brag to your college friends), its name will go far in the right circles in New York.

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Yep, Bernstein is the best ER shop. Also know which career you actually want...trading or research?

Also, stop starting multiple threads on the same topic.


I made the threads at the same time, aiming at different audiences. Thanks for your reply. In terms of career, my aim is to get to a level where I make decisions on investments, either at HF or AM. Both routes can take me there and I will enjoy either! Thing is, which will take me there with the most experience and least grey hair?


ER is probably more applicable. I was at a HF for a summer, and most of the people there were ex-IB or ex-ER people.

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