Currently working a job in Asset Performance Analytics and reporting at a boutique Investment Management firm. Based on my exposure in school, and what I've learned and been exposed too at my current position, I think I would really enjoy working in equity research.

I'm generally knowledgeable about different jobs and functions within equity research, hence my interest, but am less educated on things such as:

coming from a semi target school with a bachelors in Finance, an average GPA but solid experience (2 years worth), am I poised well to pursue entry level equity research positions or am I shooting for the stars here? I can expand on my resume if needed for a more accurate answer.

If more or more relevant experience is needed, what are some less competitive firms that I might have a better chance at getting into? On that note, relative to other industries (RE, IB, HF, etc...) how competitive is equity research?

Any other tips or advice on breaking in, or other important details I might miss are appreciated.


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Do you have any prior industry work experience (i.e. outside of finance) that might make you valuable?

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