ER analyst compensation and hours and travel

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How much would analyst pay be at a reputable bulge bracket like Goldman, Merrill, or Lehman. Analyst meaning someone fresh out of undergraduate, with no experience (other than summer internship)? How much much bonus? What kind of hours? and How much travel? I have been looking all over the forum, but nobody seems to address this directly.

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Jan 3, 2008

An analyst is an analyst is an analyst. At most, if not all the BBs the base is the same. It is the bonus that differs.
Class of 2008 base (GS,MS) 60k + 10K signing/relocation.

Bonus for ER is less than IBD. Circa 40-50k last year.

Hours about 10-12 a day. Some weekend hours (light). Depends on workload, of course.

Not much travel as junior analyst.

NB: First two years as an ER analyst, you are referred to as an ER associate.

Jan 3, 2008

What sol mentioned regarding comp is generally true for the top BB's. Pre-MBA's at GS and LEH are called analysts; at the others, they're called associates. In years past, I think the year-end bonus at LEH was the highest among the top BB's, but that's because their analysts are put into the same comp pool as IBD and S&T.

Not sure if this answers your question "directly," but what sol and I have given you pretty much are as direct as you'll get.

Jan 3, 2008

how are first year analyst/associates hours during earnings season?

Jan 3, 2008

Thanks numi for clarifying about ER analyst/ associate titles at different firms.

Jan 4, 2008

lotus, the hours are worse during earnings season. Think about it: you may cover 20-30 names and they typically all report within the same 2 week period, either before market open or after market close. Essentially, you'll be in the office earlier than usual and will get out much later than usual. Depending upon the group, 14-17 hours/day is reasonable.

Jan 4, 2008

How analysts cover 20-30 names these days? I can count all the ones I know with the fingers on one hand.

Jan 20, 2008

so 1st and 2nd year analyst or associates (whatever new college grads are called), do they get to travel to meet with clients or go to national conferences??? approximately how much traveling happens for them at a top ER bank???

Jun 3, 2008

How much travel is expected at the anaylst/associate level whether it be to conferences or clients companies etc?

Jun 3, 2008

ER analysts rarely cover 20-30 names, HY analysts do as they dont have to dive as deep but in ER id say its more in the 10-15 range

Jun 4, 2008

and utilities analysts. but utilities are bond machines, anyways.

Jun 23, 2008

Sell-side analysts might only cover 10-15 stocks but they still have to listen and digest information on the related stocks.

Jun 25, 2008

10-15? Depends on sector and market cap for sure. I'm in large/mid cap and I cover 8-9

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