ER at Jefferies/Oppenheimer/Piper Jaffray or Equities at Schroders/Janus Henderson

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I currently have an ER internship offer from a IB firm (think Jefferies/Oppenheimer/Piper Jaffray) and an offer from a European asset management firm like Schroders and Aberdeen. I'm hoping to transition into a BB equity research for full-time, and am also open to fields such as AM and IB in BB in the future.
The IB ER internship offer is based on the healthcare department, while the AM ER one is a generalist equities department. Also, as both internships are based in US, one concern I have is that European AMs might not have a strong foundation here. Which internship would set me up for a better full-time recruiting opportunities?

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Feb 4, 2020