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tl;dr: Cramming for jr. ER modelling test with zero excel? Best path, how much time?

I need to cram for a modelling test with ER in late January - and know Zero Excel. I know the IB technicals/concepts cold, and have final rounds at top BBs. But zero Excel at all, and I want ER.

It's with a REIT team in CA that's looking to build their MM bank in Cali (a name you know). Had phone screen with HR, next is a phone interview with team member, then modelling test, then meet with the team.)

Havn't done any models since ugrad 5 years ago. Any insight on what the ER jr. position's modelling test might be? Also, how would you recommend I learn modelling enough to pass it? Cram for a weekend with the BIWS package or something? There's LBO modelling, 3 statement operating models, M&A, etc...and I have no idea which is a best use of time to pass the ER test.

Appreciate any color, and have a great week. Apologies for sounding nervous, just a bit concerned.

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I did a modeling test for ER recently, they gave a model with highlighted cells to populate the quarterly earning results into the spreadsheet using the company's press release. And then link the formulas.

You said you are solid with IB technical, then I assume you know how three statements link together. Make sure you know to model both on annual and quarterly basis. Why not just pick a simple company (preferably one that does not do business in multiple industries, so avoid companies like GE, P&G, they are too big anyways) and build a three-statement model, take out one quarter of data, and then update it using the quarterly press release.

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Read whichever of these is most relevant to your test. Both cover Excel tricks and include access to the models walked through in the book:

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