ER vs RE/Private Markets


I may be posting this in the wrong forum but thought I may get more responses here as, people in RE seem to love RE.

Have an offer from Tier 1 BB ER for SA and similar for a REPE shop but they mainly do Value-Add/Core+, not heavily opportunistic. Will also have the option to rotate into their Private Credit team. 

Now I am at a crossroad as it's a classic public vs private thing but I am just too inexperienced to know better. 

It seems most people try aim for HF exists in ER or LO AM. Now, I do find HF interesting but realistically, I don't know if I am the rockstar that will survive 10 years. LO AM has fee pressure so maybe future low/stagnant salaries. Plus, seeing that recent FAANG engineer switching post, as well as on LinkedIn I've seen a few ER people move to Startups for Finance/Strategy roles, which imo don't have high pay ceilings unless you get equity (but I see how it can be a fun experience, depending on the startup product).

Would you guys ever consider switching to private markets or another finance path now? In terms of future outlook. E.g. Private Credit, RE Debt Investing or even Strategic Finance roles at Startups.

For context, money is like 90% what I care about. I am not aiming to be billionaire or anything but obviously earning well above my means until I die would be great. I don't really want to change industries once I get started but obviously happy to change roles (maybe bit of a boomer mindset).

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Nov 25, 2021 - 11:27am

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