ESSEC MSc Finance to Bocconi AFC: Is it worthed?


I'm Italian, and I graduated in 2019. In 2020 I joined the Msc Finance at ESSEC Business School and I'm currently working as Equity Analyst here in Paris. I would have to complete one additional year + summer to graduate from here. My main target is IB London, in both banks and boutiques. I recently had an offer to join the MSc in accounting, financial management, and control at Bocconi in english, 2 year program starting in 2021, and I'm confused whether to take it or not.

  • Main point is I'm willing to work in Paris for some years but what if I want to return to Italy later on? Will I be able to do so with ESSEC + experience? I'm still not sure where I see myself later...

  • If I go for Bocconi AFC will this have a detrimental impact on my career? I mean for sure will be asked during interviews, assuming i can justify it, will it be a deal breaker for banks? I will graduate at 25 from this program 


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