ESSEC vs. Bocconi MSc Finance - Admission


I'm an Italian of 23 years old, currently doing the first year of the MSc Finance at ESSEC. Last year, I also received admission to the MSc finance at Bocconi but, unfortunately, too late: (they result was delayed in July). Now, I'm planning to re-apply this year, including also MSc AFC in english as part of the choices, and I wanted to know if, in your opinion, they are going to reject me just because i did not enroll last year. As of know, when I spoke with admission office, they did not seem bothered by this fact. My profile:

  • Bachelor in quantitative methods GPA 29/30

  • GMAT 700

  • 6 month as equity analyst in a top long/short hedge fund 

  • Volunteer/IT etc fine.

At the moment of the application. less than two year would be passed since my graduation from bachelor. Thanks. 

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  • Intern in IB - Ind
Feb 25, 2021 - 6:10am

It's completely fine to reapply. I had a profile a bit better than yours and took a 1 year gap between BSc and MSc for personal reasons, still got into Bocconi Finance.

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