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What books do you recommend for someone who wants to have a basic understanding of what you do/how your industry or subsector works/what your job is "all about" and why? Is there any amount of technical knowledge pertaining to your specific industry that would be useful for a generalist/industry outsider (I'll just leave "useful" undefined for now)? Looking for reading that will really broaden how I think about business and make me better at spotting or evaluating opportunities when they arise. Hope that's not too vague, all recs welcome.

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Feb 15, 2020


Feb 15, 2020

The Structure of American Industry 13th edition by William Shepherd & James Brock gives a great overview of the industrial organization of quite a few industries. It's a bit outdated (2016) but could serve as a good economic overview if you're just getting into an industry

Feb 15, 2020
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