Etiquette for adjusting clothing in workplace

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Hi there. Very general question as it seems real hard to find any answers on google. I want to know people's thoughts on whether certain actions of adjusting clothing are appropriate in the workplace or in general public or if you should probably excuse yourself to a private place.

The first one is tucking (or re-tucking). If your shirt has slipped out of your trousers is it ok to quickly tuck it back in then and there? This question isn't limited to makes either, would it be ok for a woman to re-tuck their blouse? I actually have a female colleague who today was wearing a black long sleeve turtleneck tucked into black slacks (Has an hourglass figure and looked very silhouette like) and after she came out of the bathroom and was heading back to her seat she did a little re-tuck in while adjusting and pulling up her slacks. Is this normal in front of others?

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Jul 2, 2019